Editing Experience

Whether your document is the story of your life, the proposal of your career, or a simple note to the one you love, if you are considering having it professionally edited, it’s clear you want it to be perfect. Knowing the professional you are working with has the right experience under his/her belt can make you feel confident you picked the right person for the job. That said, I have listed some of my own editing experiences below.

 Editing Experience

  • Doctoral theses
  • University reports
  • Technical articles, reports, and blogs (environmental, new technology, cryptocurrency, etc.)
  • Work and government grant proposals
  • Business documents
  • Résumés and cover letters
  • Self-help/inspirational books
  • Historical fiction novels
  • Fantasy novels
  • Recipe books
  • Graphic novels and comics
  • Personal letters


  • Editors Canada Member

What My Experience Can Do For You

  • Improve your document’s organization and flow
  • Sharpen formatting 
  • Produce clearer, more inclusive language
  • Reduce errors in grammar and syntax
  • Ensure consistency